Buying a House? 5 Things Not To Do Before Applying For A Mortgage

So, you want to buy a house, great! Now what? You find a nice agent, like me, and go shopping for your dream house. Simple, easy- right?

Until that nice agent tells you that you need to talk to a mortgage lander first. Why? you ask- I have a good job, good credit and some money in the bank, that’s all you need. No, it’s not. An agent needs to know how much you qualify for, not what you think or feel you can spend, these numbers can be radically different. What you qualify for is what a lender will lend to you, simple. Along with your deposit, remember that cash you have or proceeds from your sale, that’s what you can spend.

What can you do to qualify for the best loan for your new home purchase? These are the 5 top things NOT to do:

  1. Don’t change jobs, lenders like to see stability. Don’t quit you job and start a business or freelance or start a blog.
  2. Don’t change banks- remember the stability they’re looking for?
  3. Don’t max out your cards, take out any new credit or buy big ticket items like cars or furniture. Wait.
  4. Don’t pay your bills late, especially your credit cards or loans.
  5. Don’t make large deposits into your bank accounts, lenders like to see money ‘seasoned’ for at least 2 months.
  6. BONUS- Don’t have inquires into your credit, this can affect your credit score.

Having a strong pre-approval is a powerful tool when purchasing you new house.

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